〃The 5th SJ-World Project: Ryeowook〃

♥ミ⇒ How can I support this Project?
If you have Paypal, you can send a donation through our Donation Tracker.
You can send concealed cash to a trustworthy member of the Staff who is living in: US (cenara), Asia (`Alice☆엞랑), or Europe (La'MISS:fairy), according to your convenience. All addresses can be found here. The currency is irrelevant, we'll get it exchanged.

♥ミ⇒ Donations: Extra Information
This Birthday Project is roughly estimated to be worth US$500.
Your donations count towards Ryeowook's Project; if not all is spent, it will be used for future projects.
You can donate as much as you want; the minimum donation amount is US$5.
If the goal amount is surpassed, you can still donate.
If you want to donate to Ryeowook's Project only, please state so in the notes when you process your donation, or send concealed cash.

♥ミ⇒ SJ-World Project Gifts

↘ MAIN GIFT: Piano-shaped Music Box
No picture yet

↘ GIFT #02: Italian Leather Composer's Book

We do know that composers use mainly their computer, but it's something pretty and personalised with a meaning behind it. (especially with his first self-composed song coming out in the 3rd album repackage.)

↘ GIFT #03: personalised pendant

↘ GIFT #04: Clothes/accessories
↘ GIFT #05: Clothes/accessories
No picture yet

↘ GIFT #06: Special project

This is another project asking for everyone's participation!

The project will be organised the same way as Eunhyuk's candies project, but this time we would like you to send in music CDs by artists from YOUR country, that are sung in your native language (or whichever language is mostly used by your country's artists)!
It can be any type of music - the aim is to help Ryeowook discover other musical styles, not just things we know he already likes.
You can send either brand new CDs or your own old CDs, if they are in good enough condition. (CD not scratched and plays well, box not broken)

DO NOT ask to send mix CDs you've made yourself! Only actual CD albums will be given to Ryeowook.

That's two weeks before Ryeowook's birthday, and two weeks is the average time it takes for shipped packages to arrive in Korea. (If you use express shipping, you can send CDs after the deadline.)

It might be easier if people from the same country can get together and arrange to send all their CDs at the same time.
Also remember to properly package the CDs when you send them, because we can't give Ryeowook any that are broken!

Obviously we want to make sure that the same CD isn't sent twice by anyone, so if you want to participate and send in an album, please check THIS TOPIC first to make sure nobody else has already listed it.
If nobody has, leave a comment in that thread with the name of the artist(s) and album(s) you're sending.

Everyone can send as many CDs as they want, as long as they're all by artists from your country!

Note for American & Canadian people: To make this more fun, also try to go for more underground and less well known artists and not take the ones Ryeowook probably knows already.
Note for Chinese people: Try to avoid all the artists we already know Ryeowook likes, like Lee hom, Jay Chou, etc. He probably has them already.

-- Send one or more music CDS from your OWN country in your OWN language to Ryeowook!
-- Remember that the idea is to help him discover new music, so please avoid artists that are already famous worldwide.
-- Check this thread and leave a comment telling us which CD(s) you're going to send!
-- Make sure all CDs are well-protected and packaged, and send them BEFORE JUNE 7TH to this address:

Alice Barthelemy
서울시 서대문구 창천동 29-81외 13필지
신촌르메이에르타운 5차 915호
120-180 South Korea

If you can't read korean language, use this image

If you're not used to writing in Korean, the best thing to do would be to print out the address and attach it to your package!
Also always add in your package the country you come from! So we can give the Cds to Ryeowook by countries!

If your post office requires you to write the romanised address for custom forms, use this:

Alice Barthelemy

Remember that this is ONLY to be used on CUSTOMS FORMS -- the package itself must be labelled with the KOREAN ADDRESS or we won't ever receive the CDs you send!

♥ミ⇒ Wrap up & Reminders
Ryeowook's birthday is on June 21st, it's in a month from now.
Cds can be sent starting from Today, Do not send anything after June 7th or it might not arrive in time (except express shipping)
Donations can be sent starting from Today, there is NO deadline.
Paypal: Donation Tracker.
Concealed cash to: US, Asia, or Europe

Thank you VERY MUCH for everything!

All your future donations will be highly appreciated,
let's show Ryeowook he has many loving and caring fans all over the world. ♥

If you have any questions, please ask here! :)

credit: sj-world.net

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