〃The 4th SJ-World Project: Kyuhyun〃

↘ What? Kyuhyun's 3rd Year Anniversary as a Super Junior member.
↘ When? Kyuhyun officially debuted as a Super Junior member on May 27, 2006.
↘ Who? The Project is mainly dedicated to Kyuhyun, but we will be giving a gift to each Super Junior member.

♥ミ⇒ How can I support this Project?
If you have Paypal, you can send a donation through our Donation Tracker.
You can send concealed cash to a trustworthy member of the Staff who is living in: US (cenara), Asia (`Alice☆엞랑), or Europe (La'MISS:fairy), according to your convenience. All addresses can be found here. The currency is irrelevant, we'll get it exchanged.

♥ミ⇒ Donations: Extra Information
This Anniversary Project is roughly estimated to be worth US$600.
Your donations count towards Kyuhyun's Project; if not all is spent, it will be used for future projects.
You can donate as much as you want; the minimum donation amount is US$5.
If the goal amount is surpassed, you can still donate.
If you want to donate to Kyuhyun's Project only, please state so in the notes when you process your donation, or send concealed cash.

♥ミ⇒ SJ-World Project Gifts

↘ MAIN POINT: Duffle Bag
Leather trim details / removable shoulder strap / two inner zip pockets / two slip-in compartments / 20"L x 13"H x 9.5"W

↘ GIFT #02: Instant Camera , with extra accessories

2 Batteries for the camera
2 Packs of Instax Mini Film (might add 2 more packs)
5 Popcorn Pens to write on the pictures (assorted colours)
1 Pouch to carry the Instant Camera (BLUE Version)
1 Mini-album to collect the pictures (72 total) (BLUE Version)
Hamburger Case to carry the Instant Camera (BLUE Version)

↘ GIFT #03: Cologne Gift Set (still deciding on the brand)
It will be either: Hugo by Hugo Boss / CK Be / BVLGARI For Men / Armani Aqua di Gio

↘ GIFT #04: Messages Box
The success and completion of this part of the project is NOT assured,
it will all depend on how many translators we can get, and their free time.
If you know people who are fluent in Korean, please ask them if they want to help us out,
sadly, we barely have any people who are able to do English to Korean translations.
For more information on how/where/when to send messages: click here
Messages can be sent starting from Today, the deadline is: MAY 10, INCLUDED.

♥ミ⇒ SJ-World Project Gifts

↘ One bottle of Cologne to each Super Junior member (12 total) (still deciding on the various brand)
Hugo by Hugo Boss / CK (any: One, Be, Eternity, Obsession, etc.) / BVLGARI For Men / Armani Aqua di Gio

♥ミ⇒ Wrap up & Reminders
Kyuhyun's 3rd Anniversary as Super Junior is on May 27, it's in a month from now.
Messages can be sent starting from Today, the deadline is: MAY 10, INCLUDED.
Donations can be sent starting from Today, there is NO deadline.
Paypal: Donation Tracker.
Concealed cash to: US, Asia, or Europe

Thank you VERY MUCH for everything!

All your future donations will be highly appreciated,
let's show Kyuhyun he has many loving and caring fans all over the world. ♥

If you have any questions, please ask here! :)

credit: sj-world.net

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