V.O.S is Coming

It's been revealed that the 3 member male vocal group is currently preparing a new album that will be coming your way soon. The group had been on a 1 year break while various members, such as Kim Kyung Rok, were following solo routes. The group caused some surprise on the 20th when they appeared on Mnet's reality program 'Empire's Children' and revealed the title of the album, the album jacket, and one of the main songs.

Unlike their past songs, which were generally slow, the new song is a relatively fast song. The composer of the song said "I tried to make it give off the feeling of American boy bands. Although it is easy to listen to, the song needs good vocals to be able to really perform this song. Despite this, V.O.S has risen to the challenge and expressed it very well.". Choi Hyun Joon mentioned "This song was a bit hard because we had to switch up how we were used to playing. Good songs really are difficult to sing." I haven't heard the song yet, but I have no doubt in my mind that they'll be able to pull off anything that they want to. V.O.S is one of the few gifted singers in k-pop.

The mini album will be out on the 25th, so be sure to check it out! I know that I will wink

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