A Blast To The Past With 2PM! See their old pictures!

The 10 out of 10 boy group, 2PM, consists of 7 sexy and hot boys. But were all these boys lookers even before they debuted? The boys look the same comparing their recent pictures with their pre-debut ones.

I’ve got to say that Taecyeon looked pretty nerdy before with those glasses but whatever, he’s sizzling hot now so forget the past! And my Jaebeom has been a cutie from the start, he’s a natural hunk but LOL, he seems to be such a dork.

So check out 2PM’s pre-debut pictures!

Leader Jaebeom and Silly Wooyoung:
Image Image

Little "Rain/Bi" Junho and Charismatic Voice Junsu:
Image Image

Cutie Maknae Chansung and Thai Prince Nichkhun:
Image Image

Sexy Taecyeon

So what do you think after looking at all these pictures? Do you think the boys look the same as they do now?

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