Ha Ji Won does Harper’s Bazaar Korea, begin prepping “stranger”...now

Actress / model / world class beauty Ha Ji Won did a photoshoot for the July 2009 issue of Harper's Bazaar Korea.

In my totally biased opinion, Ha Ji Won can never, ever look bad. Even with short hair and overly dark lipstick, she still looks super fine. Check out the photos and if you bash her, may lighting strike you down. Just kidding, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. The only exception would be the lucky bastard that eventually marries Ji Won, unless it’s me. I in fact have been married to Ha Ji Won before…but then I woke up. My morning wood was so powerful that day that I could’ve used it like a club and beaten somebody to death with it. Oh there was a beating that morning, but it was done by rosy red and her five sisters. Anyway, on with the pictures…



I’m so enamored with Ha Ji Won that I would do anything possible to have just one night with her. She’s in the top three of my personal list of the most super fly honeys in the world. I am a little disappointed because none of the photos showcase Ji Won’s bodacious curves. It doesn’t really matter though because I have plenty of excellent snapshots of Ji Won’s smokin’ hot body stored in my fap memory banks. Plus, she makes up for it by blessing us with a great cleavage shot. I’m actually going to celebrate Ji Won’s beauty by giving myself a “stranger.” If you don’t know what a stranger is then here’s a hint: I wrote this whole article with one hand while I was sitting on my other hand, which is numb and ready to go. Hellooo stranger.

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