2PM’s Nichkhun with his sisters

We've seen 2PM's Nichkhun perform "Nothing Better" countless times, but this time he does it with his sisters. A new undisclosed clip of Nichkhun shows twice the emotions and improved vocals once again. Assuming that his sisters went to visit him, they showed their love and support.

youtube credit: 2pm

Not all siblings are as tight as Nichkhun and his sisters. He's constantly mentioning them and as an older brother he has his protective side that's always on a look out for them. Recently released, the last episode of It's Time 2PM featuring Nichkhun, he was asked if he'd allow any of the 2PM members to date his sisters @ 1:51. He said that he wouldn't let any of them date his sisters! And in the middle of the interview he called his sister @ 2:20. See for yourself!

youtube credit: Madam2PMsubs

And here are a couple of pictures of Nichkhun & his sisters:




cr: allkpop

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