Epik High Shows How To Remix the Human Soul

Epik High has recently been working extremely hard at the maplab (recording studio) with Planet Shiver for their upcoming remix album. Map The Soul just released a video showing them hard at work. They also left a message for the fans.

"Both Epik High and Planet Shiver had no sleep for a few days due to re-recording session for the upcoming album, "Remixing the Human Soul". Everyone has been putting so much effort to make this happen. Expect the best! COMING SOON!"

Check it out:

As Tablo said before although it is going to be a remix album, the songs sound nothing like the originals. So, if you're an Epik High fan, this album is for you because it's definitely going to be fun hearing all of the old Epik High hits completely remixed.

cr: allkpop

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