2NE1’s 2nd Mutizen on Inkigayo

"I only have one itching desire / let me stand next to your fire" - quote from Jimi Hendrix.

After surprising many and delighting fans with their maiden victory on SBS Inkigayo last Sunday, YG's 2NE1 has ignited fans once again, winning their second ever mutizen on this week's show for their hit single "Fire".

Here's the victory and encore.

2NE1's 2nd Mutizen on Inkigayo

and the "Fire" stage

2NE1's 2nd Mutizen on Inkigayo

The new white stage and new clothes displayed a much different side of the group than their initial unveiling did. Dara's ever-changing hairstyle has settled into bangs (for now), and CL added more oomph with some extra skinflash and chest thrusting at the end of the performance. It seems that the female foursome's first single is a late bloomer on the music shows, as "Fire" did not win any mutizens until more than a month after its release, only to record two consecutive victories in the past two weeks.

With this latest pair of awards, 2NE1 fans will be hungry for more, hoping that another win next week could earn the group an impressive triple crown with a lone, album-less single. If 2NE1 can win awards with just one song, who knows what could happen when they release their first mini album on July 1st?

Dara continues to amaze with a new hairstyle.

2NE1's Dara

credit: allkpop

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