2PM Interview With Single

“10 out of 10” hot boys, 2PM, will be featured in the July issue of Single magazine.

Check out excerpts from the interview with Jaebeom, Taecyeon, Junsu and Wooyoung. The other members couldn’t participate due to their schedule.

"Q: What were your first impressions of each other?
TaecYeon: WooYoung looked extremely impertinent.
JaeBeom: [I thought so too], because Woo Young didn’t greet [others] well and was shy…
TaecYeon: When I first saw WooYoung, I was just coming out from a shower, and the kid was rubbing his eyes. So I greeted him first with “hello” but he [continues] rubbing his eyes and says, “Ah, yes, hello” with a scowl!
JaeBeom: No matter how you look at it, we’re hyungs. Sunbaes (seniors)!
WooYoung: Wow, this got really distorted. The incident JaeBeom hyung is talking about was back from when we didn’t know each other.
JaeBeom: If you’re in the JYP practice room, obviously you’re a JYP person!
WooYoung: I went there to audition…. anyways! It was because I was listening to music while waiting for my turn but time and again [you complain] that I didn’t greet you….
TaecYeon: Me, what about me?
WooYoung: I didn’t know who TaecYeon hyung was at that time either. I was so tired and out of it from preparing for the audition…. but I purposely even asked, “Have you eaten?”. Wow ~ you keep only telling what makes you seem good!
TaecYeon: It’s the truth that Woo Young is impertinent. Every member’s first impression of Woo Young was the same…
JaeBeom: But he gets grimmer as you get closer. Haha, I actually love [WooYoung].

Q: When is it difficult having so many members?
TaecYeon: When choosing the menu (what to eat).
JaeBeom: Didn’t you see while we ordered the meal today? Typically, one item should be agreed on, but [we] ordered both pizza and hamburgers. It’s standard [for us] to be divided into two.
TaecYeon: JunHo, ChanSung, and WooYoung like Korean cuisine while JaeBeom hyung and Khun like Western cuisine such as pizza or hamburgers. So they quarrel all the time. I eat everything equally well.
WooYoung: You’re a weird hyung, spinning everything about yourself positively!
JunSu: Let’s do interviews without TaecYeon from now on.
JaeBeom: If TaecYeon is sleepy or bothered, he just sleeps without eating.
JunHo: Ah, really. I wasn’t going to say this but I guess I have to. TaecYeon hyung eats if he wants to and eats somebody else’s if he doesn’t want to eat.
TaecYeon: Then you guys talk [more]!

Q: What type of girl do you like?
WooYoung: For me, somebody who’s pretty just wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
JaeBeom: I don’t like it when [the girl] tries too hard to act cute or pretty, but like a natural loveliness. A natural beauty.
TaecYeon: I like someone who is good at doing her own work and has an unaffected charm. It’s a plus if she’s pretty and [another] plus if she has a good figure…
WooYoung: Interview, hold an interview (to find such a girl).

Q: What is 2PM’s weapon (competitive advantage)?
JaeBeom: Performance. We perform what others don’t and can’t do. [We're] almost the first.
TaecYeon: We’re the first team worldwide to sing live and do acrobatics together.
JaeBeom: Because already, performance is associated with 2PM and 2PM is associated with performance.
TaecYeon: A lot of people enjoy themselves while watching us our stage performance and also get a different vibe from us compared to other existing idol [groups]. Outside of performing on stage, we’re fun and frank. I think [people] love that about us a lot. That’s what makes 2PM different."

Credits to KPculture

Check out the rest of the interview in the July issue of Single magazine.

credit: allkpop

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