2PM Taecyeon’s Family Commercial

Along with their powerful performances and hot bods, 2PM is also known for their goofiness and lack of "idol image", a trait most prominently displayed on their season of MBC Idol Show. Ok Taecyeon is one of the more notable goofballs, with a unique style that earned him the nickname "Assistant Ok", famously large teeth, and bizarre facial expressions:

2PM Taecyeon's Family Commercial
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This nuttiness seems to have always been readily apparent within the 20 year old, as seen in this predebut video:

The video seems to depict a Ok family take on those old Chili's restaurant commercials. Instead of the "angry rapper" persona we always seem to see in 2PM's performances, we get a joyous, bouncing, fake-guitaring teenager. Candid moments like these, combined with smokin' moments like these:

are why the goofball/hottie has captured the hearts of many Hottests.

And as an added Taecyeon bonus, here's his endearing "It's Time" interview, courtesy of time2sub2

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