4minute vs. 2NE1, there is no rivalry

I'm sure fans have noticed the similarities between the new groups 4minute and 2NE1. Although 2NE1 made their debut before 4minute, the 5 member girl band is not threatened at all. Rather, they felt honored to be on the same stage as 2NE1. Not only do they not treat 2NE1 as a rival, but instead they admire them. 4minute feels that their music styles can not be compared because it is different to begin with. Nam Ji Hyun, 4minute's leader, explains that in their songs each member is able to show their own distinctive personalities.

Honestly, I'm actually feeling both groups right now. Similar styles just means each group has to work harder to prove themselves and show their individuality. What do you think? smile

source: KBS GLOBAL

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