4Minute’s JiYoon does “Umbrella”

Has 4Minute fever struck any of you guys yet? The girls have just made 2 debut stages and they're already topping charts here and there in Korea. And while I think their performances have been shaky to say the least, one member always manages to stick out for me. She's the girl behind the shades and rocks the shortest hair in the group, Ji Yoon! Her live performances are the most stable, and her vocals are pretty right on and then some. Netizens have already found a video of her rocking out to "Umbrella" solo, and after seeing the video myself, it just justified that she's probably the best vocalist of the group. She got so into it that she even knocked down her music stand. Good job.

And just because I feel like fueling the FIRE, earlier this month, 2NE1 also did a cover of "Umbrella" and I was pretty blown away with the performance as well.

cr. the7REAL

credit: allkpop

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