8Eight’s Second Teaser for “Goodbye My Love”

Oh my, When I first saw this 2nd teaser for 8eight's new single, "Goodbye My Love", I was speechless. WHAT? WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO JINWOON? In the 1st teaser for the music video, we saw Jinwoon being silly and saying "I love you" in almost every way possible. However, in this teaser, he says "I love you" once...dying...after getting hit by a truck... Yeah, that’s right.

If I heard correctly, right before he gets hit by the truck, he says, "The truth is, I liked Sohee noona lot." Then, BOOM! The truck comes and hits him, and he's on the floor saying "I love you" with his painfully adorable smile. Between these two scenes you can see a guy and a girl doing something I can't figure out. Did he just say SOHEE NOONA? Sohee from Wonder Girls? Is that girl in the transition Sohee? Does this have to do with the Without a Heart music video? Who, what, when, where, WHY? WHAT'S GOING ON??? So many questions, yet so little hints. 8eight is really good at this whole suspense thing. I'll be on the tip of my toe until June 11th when the music video is released. Stay tuned on ALLKPOP because we’ll bring you the answers to your questions as soon as the music video is released! By the way, the song itself is sounding amazing even though we can only hear a couple of seconds of it. But then again, 8eight’s songs are always impressive.


credit: allkpop

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