Girls’ Generation’s ‘Genie’ is already #1 on the charts

Unsurprisingly, Girls' Generation / SNSD’s new single ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’ has reached the #1 spot on online music charts not even 24 hours after it was unveiled to the public. This could be a sign that Girls’ Generation’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’ is going to be a bigger hit than their first single of the year ‘Gee’, since ‘Genie’ instantly flew past its competition on the music charts.

Fans are also immensely interested in Girls’ Generation’s new look. Soon after the photos of the girls in their new nautically inspired outfits were released, Girls’ Generation’s marine girl look became the number one searched subject on various Korean portal sites.

Girls’ Generation’s first comeback performance will be on the 26th of June on KBS2TV’s Music Bank. They are also scheduled to perform on MBC Music Core on the 27th and SBS Inkigayo on the 28th.

I’ll tell you what my wish right now is and it has to do with Jessica’s new ginger look. I wish Jessica would magically appear in my bedroom right now so I could find out personally if the carpet matches the drapes. For the ladies only, my magic rod can also grant wishes like a genie. That is if your wish lasts no longer then ten minutes and includes you making me a sandwich. No takers? Fine then, it’s your loss. It looks like Jessica’s smoking hot photo and a couple of lucky tissues are the only ones getting a wish tonight.


credit: allkpop

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