Joo Ji Hoon To Enjoy Life In Jail

Actor Joo Ji Hoon fronted up to court this morning to receive his sentencing after pleading guilty to drug use.

Joo Ji Hoon who rose to prominence in the drama Goong, has seen his stock nosedive after his arrest. He received a sentence of 6 months in jail with a further year of probation. On top of a seemingly light sentence, he will have to complete 120 hours of community service and pay a 360,000 won fine (just over $280). This is actually a lighter sentence than he had sought earlier in the month. Joo Ji Hoon's sentence was also the lightest out of the group caught with the others who were indicted, receiving between 2 and 3 years jail time, again with probation and community service on top of that.

cr: allkpop

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