Mnet’s M! Countdown Stage: Lady Gaga’s Just Dance Performance

For those of you who appreciates Lady Gaga's works of art, stay. If you said, "not me", get out. I don't want you here. Only those of us who appreciates her undeniably abstract sense of style and catchy tunes would be able to understand the world of Lady Gaga. Well, Lady Gaga has already rocked the rest of the world, and now she is in Korea to take over Asia as well. And what do you know? She does not disappoint with her eye-catching fashion and ear-catching beats.

In her performance on M! Countdown, she rocked the stage, as always, and her stage presence took over the entire room. Fellow Lady Gaga worshippers! Let us all watch in awe and fascination as Lady Gaga continues her brainwashing in Korea.

 Lady Gaga

 Lady Gaga

credit: allkpop

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