Son Dambi and Hyun Bin’s garden5 CF

Smoking hot singer, plus soon to be actress, Son Dambi and actor Hyun Bin recently did a new CF for the “cultural complex” garden5. Garden5 is basically a massive shopping mall that is the size of a small village. It has almost 6,000 compartment stores, a multiplex theatre, an exhibition hall, and a spa.

Since it stars both Son Dambi and Hyun Bin, the garden5 CF is easy on the eyes for males and females alike. In the CF, Dambi and Hyun Bin give details to what garden5 has to offer in the style of on-the-scene reporters. Check it out.

Son Dambi looks lovely in that little dress. It’s obvious that she left her sexiness at home and brought her cuteness instead for the garden5 CF. I’m not complaining though. In the recent past people have been comparing Son Dambi to Lee Hyori, debating which one they think is a better singer, dancer, who is sexier, etc... Watching this CF made me think of that debate and I’ve come to the conclusion that Son Dambi pulls off cute a little better than Hyori, but Hyori is definitely sexier than Dambi. The reason why I think Dambi does cute better than Hyori is because it seems to me that Dambi just naturally acts cute without even trying, and her cuteness isn’t annoyingly over-the-top. However, there’s no denying that they both are superstars when it comes to acting cute and/or sexy, my magic rod can attest for that.


credit: allkpop

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