SS501’s Asia Tour 2nd Round of Tickets For Sale

After the 1st round of tickets released was sold out in just 30 minutes, the 2nd round of tickets for SS501's Asia Tour Persona in Seoul Concert will be up for sale on the 24th (today in Korea).

The 2nd round of tickets for "THE 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA IN SEOUL" will be available on the 24th at 7:00PM on a first come, first serve basis. A representative stated, "Since the 1st round of tickets was sold out in just 30 minutes, the fans who didn't get to purchase tickets are anxiously waiting for the 2nd round," and that, "We are receiving requests for tickets from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Because there is such a high interest in these tickets, we are really happy."

SS501 Persona 1st Asia Tour Concert in Seoul Poster

Hopefully, leader Kim Hyun Joong has gotten some rest - It has even been said that Kim Hyun Joong shot their drama-like MV after three sleepless nights! Poor boy.. Seriously, with all the traveling and performing SS501 will be doing for this Asia Tour, they are going to need all the rest they can get.

On a side note, their concert producer Mace Entertainment is acting quickly against the illegal distribution of tickets.

cr: allkpop

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