[UPDATE] TVXQ’s version of “Stand by U”

[UPDATE] The HQ version of the PV is out! Here it is, courtesy of lovehero333:

After stirring quite a bit of interest with their teasers, TVXQ has finally released their full version of "Stand by U" featuring none other than themselves. Without further ado, here's the video! Unfortunately, the video is not very HQ. It was recorded via BeeTV, but I'm sure after seeing the video, you won't be complaining. Much love to abareusagi for the video!

I'm going to assume that the HQ video for all you fans to oogle at will be ready when they release their 28th single on July 1, so continue on hanging tight. It will be well worth the wait as this single has reminded me how much I loved TVXQ's ballads, even though I still prefer Love in the Ice. Good stuff is good stuff and I'll take what I can get.

credit: allkpop

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