Wheesung Changes Agencies

Wheesung's moving on to a different company. Wheesung will be joining POP/UP Entertainment, which houses great artists like M to M and Kim Dong Wook.

So why the sudden change? Well, former producer, Park Gun Tae, concentrated more on producing and working by himself. However, Wheesung's transferring of companies is not one of bitter feelings, but rather one of bittersweet emotions. He gives thanks to Park Gun Tae for his growth as an artists and hopes to learn from him as a little brother, no longer as an artist under a producer.

After rocking out a concert with Lena Park in LA last weekend, singer Wheesung, has revealed he will be staying there for another tentative 2 months. While in LA, he will be working with former Deux member turned producer, Lee Hyun Do. He hopes to drop an album some time in August, returning back to his musical roots. He hopes to return to the sounds of his past hits like "Incurable Disease" but with a more modern, hip hop twist.

cr: allkpop

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