2PM Continues To Heat Up Vogue Girl

After the first set of pictures we found for you a while back, we dug around and found more photos! The 2PM boys are bringing back the heat for their same shoot in the July issue of Vogue Girl.

Last time, we got an eyeful of Taecyeon and NichKhun for the most part. This time around, we're getting some more Jaebum lovin'. Personally, I think WooYoung, Junho, and Junsu need their time to show off their bods as well, but hey, that might be a little too much sexy to handle. For now, you guys and gals can oogle at this and if it's not enough to convince you to buy the magazine, I don't want to know what else you want these boys to show off to get you to run out there and buy it.


credit: allkpop

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