2PM Taecyeon’s M.Net Scandal Ep 1 Released

**UPDATE: The first episode has just been released! Check it out below.

Part One.

Part Two.

After both torturing and eliciting coos from Hottests with teaser photos from 2PM Taecyeon's Mnet Scandal, the Mnet powers that be have provided further agony and awws with a preview video for the two-week relationship.

Taecyeon M.Net Scandal Preview

From the short teaser, it seems that smoothie Ok Taecyeon is really comfortable with the lady, waterskiing with her, shopping with her, and even introducing her to his 2PM family! I wonder what she thinks of her crazy brother-in-law Wooyoung though (0:20 in the vid). I suppose you can handle six goofy/hot brother-in-laws if it comes with skinship like this:

Taecyeon M.Net Scandal Preview

And thus ends the lesson on "how to get antis."

credit: allkpop

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