4minute’s first fan meeting

Within a week of their debut it looks like 4minute has had their first fan meeting which is likely to have taken place before their Inkigayo performance on Sunday.

Held outside the girls still wore the style of clothes we have come to expect from the group after the various appearances last week. While it doesn't appear as if they have had a large turnout it is a step in the right direction for the group who has been getting both positive and negative responses to their debut, to reach out and hopefully get some more fans. There has been some negativity about the similarity between their style and that of groups such as 2NE1 and After School, but it is pictures like these that show that they have their own unique style and they are currently pulling it off successfully. However, it does appear that former Wonder Girl Hyun Ah is taking a more backseat role in the group and is letting So Hyun take the lead.

4minute's first fan meeting

4minute's first fan meeting

4minute's first fan meeting

credit: allkpop

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