Kangta is an Elite Soldier

Former H.O.T member, Kangta who is currently serving his military service, was recently revealed to have been awarded the "elite solider" honor after hitting 20 out of 20 targets during his marksmanship test. According to reports, Kangta who is now serving in the 8th Infantry Division as a scout, had taken part in a competition and came away with the "elite soldier" honor in the end. Sources revealed that only 1% of the entire army are able to achieve this special honor.

The conditions for getting this "elite soldier" honor includes (only a sample):
- hitting 18 out of 20 targets during the day
- 72 and above pushups in 2 minutes
- 82 and above situps in 2 minutes
- under 5m 48s for 1.5km run

Kangta thus becomes the 2nd celebrity after Chun Jung Myung (he got it last year, but he only hit 18 out of 20 targets) to have been awarded the "elite solider" honor. Kangta had previously laid down a challenge to Chun Jung Myung through a variety show, claiming that he had confidence that he could handle him if they go 1-on-1. Looks like Kangta was not boasting at all. He does really have the talent to back himself up.

Kangta is an Elite Soldier

credit: allkpop

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