4minute’s stuff gets stolen

Purely a case of theft, overzealous fans or antis? It was reported that 4minute's mini-van was recently broken into, and their stuff like clothes, etc were all stolen.

This happened on the night of 21st June, probably after their Inkigayo performance, where 4minute's mini-van which was parked in the carpark of near their dance studio was damaged and broken into. Items that were plundered included a video camera and 4minute's stage clothes, belongings, etc. 4minute's management, Cube Entertainment has made a police report and are awaiting updates from them as we speak.

Cube Entertainment expressed, "The case is now being handled by the police. We aren't sure if it's purely a case of theft or something else. We aren't ruling out anything and the culprits have to be apprehended first before we will decide on what we will do next. It's unfortunate that this has happened after just the first week of promotions."

credit: allkpop

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