Junsu Can’t Compare to Yunho

Proof that DBSK's Junsu can't compare to the leader Yunho has surfaced and it comes in the form of penis size! His clearly smaller bulge just can't measure up to Yunho's yunho and you all know that size is the thing that matters the most. I wonder if that's how he became the leader...

The pictures speak for themselves.

Junsu Can't Compare to Yunho

It seems like Jaejoong doesn't mind Junsu's small size though. I bet he finds it rather cute, judging from the way he can't seem to keep his hands off of it.

Junsu Can't Compare to Yunho

But ladies, this is all insignificant because mine's bigger than any of those boys on DBSK. Take a ride on my magic stick once and you'll never want to get off wink

credit: allkpop

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