Big Bang’s Pair of Japanese Interviews

Stirring up interest for their upcoming Japanese endeavors, Big Bang has recently done two rather casual interviews - one at the MTV VMAJ awards, which aired on June 20th, and one on a Japanese program "Music Edge" on June 22nd.

MTV VMAJ 2009, 06/20/09

The first one is rather awkward, due to the combination of two cooing, kawaii Japanese reporters and Big Bang's lack of Japanese fluency. The entire group, save for smoothie Taeyang (the most fluent Japanese speaker in Big Bang) and leader G-Dragon have their arms held timidly in front of them. Nice to see that the exploding quintet is human, but come on guys! You're Big bleepin' Bang! Netizens have also noted that the low ceiling makes the group appear especially tall; perhaps Korean entertainment companies should take note of this shrewd Japanese architecture.

Music Edge, 06/22/09

This one's a bit more fun, and a bit more accessible for the non-Japanese VIPs. The boys introduce themselves with their Japanese aliases - Daesung is "D-Lite", Taeyang is "Sol", Seungri is "V.I.", T.O.P. is... T.O.P. (BAMFs like this don't change for anyone!) and G-Dragon is... G-Dragon (he'll change his clothes and hair, but never his name). Big Bang then performs a snazzy little acapella preview of their upcoming song "Emotion", which is set for release on June 24th with Japanese single "My Heaven". The interviewer proceeds to pee her pants.

Big Bang's Pair of Japanese Interviews

Taeyang, or Youngbae, or Sol, or whoever does a little dance after maknae Seungri refuses to dance himself. Cute. Then, for whatever reason, the interview continues into a "10 second game", in which the interviewer and G-Dragon attempt to stop a stopwatch as close to 10 seconds as possible. It's pretty random, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised at any game coming from a country that conjures up bizarre hilarity like human tetris. The interviewer stops the watch at 9.09 seconds, with T.O.P. and G-Dragon playing paddycake because... they're Big bleepin' Bang, they can do whatever they want! G-Dragon, however, stomps all over that interviewer with a time of 10.03 seconds. If his insanely accurate internal clock makes you suspect that the man is in fact an alien, G-Dragon removes all doubt whatsoever in the last bits of the interview.

Big Bang's Pair of Japanese Interviews

Words fail me.

credit: allkpop

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