4minute can actually sing

..Well at least Ji Yoon and Ga Yoon can. I don't know if I can say as much for the other 3 members....

Yesterday on MBC's Starry Starry Night Radio hosted by Park Kyung Lim, 4minute's JiYoon and GaYoon performed one of my personal favorite Alicia Keys song, "If I Ain't Got You." Apart from the LOL-worthy Engrish, I think they did pretty good, capturing the most emotional parts of the song very well, and I'm pleasantly surprised.

4minute with Park Kyung Lim

credit: allkpop

On a side note, I have to wonder what's wrong with one of the girls eyes... she is always wearing sunglasses... I mean, she's off stage now and inside a private room.

Hm.. maybe she's cross eyed raspberry

Anyways, check it out

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