Moon Hee Jun Loves JaeJoong

In a recent interview, former H.O.T. member Moon Hee Jun revealed some information about his relationship with TVXQ's pretty boy, JaeJoong.

Their relationship began while Hee Jun was still in H.O.T. During one of their concerts, Hee Jun stated that despite the group not having many male fans, in the sea of fangirls, JaeJoong stuck out like a sore thumb and was easily noticeable. Once JaeJoong debuted with TVXQ, he introduced himself to his sunbae as an H.O.T. fan and his father backed him up by sharing that JaeJoong even had a poster of him up in his room! From then on, their relationship blossomed as the two shared drinks while they discussed their musical interests. Turns out that both of them share very similar music interest, thus strengthening their friendship.

Hee Jun closed the interview by stating, "When TVXQ first debuted, as they were at the same company as us (SM entertainment), our music was kinda similar. However, as time went by the music started to change, now they’re building up their own unique music."

Much love to Mr. TVXQ

And for those out of the loop, H.O.T. was the original KPOP boyband (back in 1997, We are the Future) :


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