Minwoo’s Minnovation Mini Album and MV RELEASED!

From a rainbow throwing up (color vomit) to pissing in a urinal, Lee Minwoo is already ready to show his fans a newer side of himself. But because we've already gotten ourselves an eyeful of the M man, it's about time our ears start getting some love as well. Minnovation the mini album has been released today and I'm sending my prayers over to Minwoo because I just have to say it: His title track isn't impressing me much. Check it out:

[UPDATED with MV] cr: joyceeishungee9

While I didn't like the track much, I did learn that Minwoo is actually saying "M innovation" rather than "Minnovation." It's times like that a dash comes in handy, but whatever. "Minnovation" does grow on you after a while and proves to be a great dance track. And before I continue on, here's the tracklist.

1. Minnovation
2. Love Me Ice Cream
3. Summer Time
4. 나 집으로 가는 길 (Na Jibeuro Kaneun Gil / I'm On The Way Home)
5. 가면 무도회 – Outsidaz Club Remix (Kamyeon Mudohwi / Masquerade)
6. The "M" Style – BK Remix

"Summer Time" and "I'm On The Way Home" followed suite with the whole "electropop" beat theme and I personally think they'd make pretty great DDR dance tracks, though the latter track was much more mellowed out with its beats. The final two tracks of the mini album were remixed versions of "M Style" and "Masquerade," which was my favorite track of his last album. The remixes get a thumbs up as both tracks were rather bland without the added beats before. "Love Me Ice Cream" was the stand out track of the mini album. Utilizing a simple beat and a guitar riff, this track is very reminiscent of M's past tracks, "AM 7:05" and "Sad Song." So, if you were quite a fan of those tracks, you're going to like this one. All in all, nothing too special. I looked forward to the actual performances more so than actual songs because even if he is older than most of the people in the current Kpop scene, Minwoo always knows how to break it down.

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