BoA featured on celeb gossip show EXTRA

This past weekend BoA was featured on the celebrity gossip TV show EXTRA. The short but sweet segment was her first official appearance on a mainstream American TV show.

BoA’s segment consists of EXTRA reporter Foxy Brown Tanika Ray telling us what we already know while the ‘Eat You Up’ video is playing. There’s also a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it interview with BoA at the end. Like I said before BoA’s segment is short but, like Se7en on BET, it’s good to see Korean artists on American TV. Check it out.

A video of BoA was also featured on extratv.com of her rehearsing the dance for ‘Look Who’s Talking.’

Congrats BoA. You’ve made it onto an American celebrity gossip TV show. Now in order to remain a permanent fixture on any or all of the American celeb gossip shows, you need to: get arrested and have a horrendous mug shot spread through the media like a bad disease. “Accidentally” have a paparazzi photo of your baby-maker taken while you’re stepping out of a car. Adopt a shitload of babies from various third world countries. Plus, last but not least, have an amateur sex video of yourself “unintentionally” leaked to the public. I can personally help with the last one.

credit: allkpop

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