Lee Min Ho Can’t Catch a Break

So remember that surgery that Lee Min Ho was supposed to have in April but then thus pushed back to May after he got up in the whirlwind of being in F4 in BOF, becoming an overnight star, and becoming the newly crowned CF King? And then one month later in May the endorsement offers didn't diminish and he became the next model for every fashion magazine ever and had to trot all over the globe to play volleyball in Thailand, be single in Australia, raise low ratings in Taiwan as well as train with to be a singer for a F4 special album and oh wait, he had to delay his surgery once again to June? Well Lee Min Ho fans will be happy to know that he FINALLY received surgery and it's been reported to have gone smoothly.

Lee Min Ho Can't Catch a Break

He checked into a Seoul hospital on the 5th and received the surgery without problems. He is expected to remain in the hospital for the next 2 weeks as he makes his recovery. His management revealed "Lee Min Ho received surgery successfully. Because it wasn't a serious surgery the results came out good. We are expecting a fast recovery." Sounds more like they're forcing a fast recovery to me. Apparently this weekend, seeing how he is doing, they are going to decide whether he should remain in the hospital or be an outpatient. But at least for a short while, his schedule is clear while he's "resting" in the hospital. And while he is "recovering" he is currently looking at scripts for movies and dramas as he decides on his next project. I hope he recovers from his surgery and catch up on his well deserved break. I also hope he chooses an acting project because as much as I love him, I'm getting sick of him being in every magazine and CF ever when he could be acting in lots of projects like fellow F4 member Bummie.

credit: allkpop

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