Family Outing members in tears at farewell party

The first part of the Family Outing farewell episode for departing family members, Park Ye Jin and Lee Chun Hee was finally aired this evening on SBS and by the end of it all, it really hit me that their journey is really coming to an end (on tv of course since they have already left on paper). Clueless about what's happening, refer to this article.

There were no guest family members this time as this was a special episode to send off Park Ye Jin and Lee Chun Hee and with the bulk of the focus on them. Just like past episodes, it begun with a whole lot of fun with games, etc as they were submerged in a river stream. But deep down, they were playing the games with a heavy heart as they all knew what was going to happen eventually later on. Chun Hee was his usual self as Chunderella while his stepmother, Su Ro ordered him around when they were sent out to pick vegetables; Ye Jin showed her prowess by breaking apart a watermelon with ease and then competing with Hyori in games with her sweet, savage style.

After busying themselves for the whole day, the whole family settled down for a farewell party and viewed a special video which had captured all the great memories over the past year. Everyone was reminded of how Ye Jin was sweet and savage at the same time, preparing (killing) a fish without battling an eyelid, catching chickens with her bare hands, etc while Chun Hee amused everyone with his carelessness.

The video included pre-recorded footage with Hyori saying, "I was worried initially because there were only 2 girls. But we hit off well after the first filming. Makeup is very important to us girls but she was able to overcome this very well, even in adverse conditions, I am very thankful." By now, all of the members were already in tears, as it dawned on them that farewell was imminent. Daesung and Kim Su Ro expressed, "We were really grateful to Park Ye Jin for catching those runaway chickens."

Lee Chun Hee said, "New family members will be coming in to join the family but I will never forget all the wonderful memories created with you all. I am really sorry to be unable to stay with all of you till the end. I am very grateful for all the wonderful times this past year". Tears were welling up in Chun Hee eyes as he was saying this. Ye Jin then said, "Family Outing has become part of my life this past year and I really love all my family members. Whenever I require help, all of them would come over to help me and I am very grateful. I am really sorry for not being able to continue."

The tears will continue to flow as the final episode of Family Outing with Park Ye Jin and Lee Chun Hee will be airing next Sunday, 28th June as they usher in their final breakfast time with the whole family. The pictures below sums up the whole sad mood.

Family Outing members in tears at farewell party

Family Outing members in tears at farewell party

Preview for next week.

credit: allkpop

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