Seo In Young suffered from depression

On the next episode of SBS’s Ya Shim Man Man 2, airing on the 22nd, Jewelry’s Seo In Young admitted that the reason why she took an impulsive vacation to America was because she suffered from depression.

In Young revealed that she thought she could handle the stress from her excessively packed schedule, but the stress did eventually get to her, causing her to feel depressed most of the time. To recuperate from her dejected morale, she made the decision to cancel all her activities and go on a trip to America. In Young also confessed that her distressed mental state was so bad that she was prescribed mood stabilizers which she took at night before she went to bed.

Seo In Young suffered from depression

I won’t make fun of Seo In Young’s confession, in view of the fact that there have been many tragic suicides in the past year that were more or less caused due to depression. However, this is the second time in recent weeks that a majorly successful K-celeb has admitted to being depressed due to working too much. Truthfully, it’s hard for me to understand how a celebrity can be depressed for having too full of a plate.

Fame is a fickle bitch and I’m sure many once famous celebrities whose star has faded away into the dark unknown would kill to have their phone ring off the hook with job offers. Nonetheless, it’s good that In Young did what she needed to do to get over her dispirited state of mind. In Young will be making a comeback in August with Jewelry.

credit: allkpop

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