SNSD, From Horror Queens to Waitresses?

On the 14th, MBC “Horror Movie Factory” starring Girls’ Generation aired their last episode due to low ratings. Yes, and many fans, like me, were very upset that we couldn’t see our beloved girls anymore…

BUT it looks like we won’t be upset for long. Apparently MBC and the girls are shooting a new show where the girls will be helping out restaurants and the team who is gathers more customers win. The show’s new MCs seem to be Kim Yongman, Shin Junghwan, and Boom.

The eight girls (excluding Yoona who might join later on the show) will be divided with Shin Junghwan and Boom. Junghwan's team will consist of Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, and Sooyoung while Boom’s team will be made up of Seohyun, Yuri, Sunny and Hyoyeon. But the basic idea of the show is for the girls to help people out in different ways, aw!

Let’s wish the girls the best with this show since “Horror Movie Factory” didn’t end so well.

Watch these pictures some by-passers took of the girls (probably trying to gather some customers.)


And in other soshi news, here are pictures of the rumored music video set for their comeback song!


credits to bug @ soshified.com/forums for info and J@de and *Jaefan* @ soshified.com/forums for pictures.

credit: allkpop

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