Ka Jin, Min Jung, Ji Eun of i-13 to make Comeback

Members Ka Jin, Min Jung, and Ji Eun from 13-member girl group i-13 from 2005 will make their comeback this Fall.

Lee Ji Eun (21)
Lee Ji Eun of i-13

Park Ka Jin (19)
Park Ka Jin of i-13

Park Min Jung (19)
Park Min Jung of i-13

i-13, which is under Lemon Lime Music, debuted in 2005 with their song "One More Time" off their first and only album 'One More Time.' Having debuted around the same time as Super Junior, the girls were very much compared to them and were even labeled the "Female version of Super Junior." However, expectations were not met, causing the group to eventually disband.

Girl Group i-13

Girl Group i-13

In 2007, it was reported that the company was planning to recreate the failed group into a 6-member group, keeping three of the original members (probably Ka Jin, Min Jung, and Ji Eun) and adding three new members, but the preparations ended there, as they were never followed through with.

But it seems like the plans are finally coming back, as a representative of the company revealed, "If things work out fast, Ka Jin, Min Jung, and Ji Eun will make their debut in a girl group sometime in August~September," and that, "They have been training from last year to early this year."

The representative continued, "Ka Jin, Min Jung, Ji Eun, and another member are expected to form a 4-member girl group," and that, "It has been a long time since Ka Jin, Min Jung, and Ji Eun have taken the stage. You will be able to see a different and advanced Ka Jin, Min Jung, and Ji Eun."

Ka Jin, Min Jung, and Ji Eun will be the first members of i-13 to make their comeback. A representative revealed, "From what I know, there are no plans for the comeback of the other members (of i-13)."

Girl Group i-13

Girl Group i-13

Girl Group i-13

You'd think Lime Music, after facing business failure once already, would be smart enough not to debut them during this girl groups galore season. I mean with SNSD / Girls' Generation right around the corner, who needs another girl group? With all these girl groups being pooped out of nowhere, Lime Music better be all packed up and ready to catch the next sail fail boat.

"One More Time" MV.

"One More Time" performance.

credit: allkpop

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