SS501’s Young Saeng has a “Memory Without a Name”

We're almost finished! Young Saeng is the next in line after Hyung Joon for his chance in the spotlight with "Memory Without a Name" (이름없는 기억), and of course, they gave the guy in the group with the best voice the ballad song.

As nice as the song sounds, I couldn't help but pay more attention to the actual video. How different it was from the others, and how Hyun-joong had a larger part then Young Saeng and it's not even his video! I'm not sure whether to feel happy because it's... well... Hyun Joong, duh, or to feel bad for Young Saeng because he got jipped!

I'll go with happy. That was easy.

Check out Hyun Joong Young Saeng in his latest teaser, "Memory Without a Name":

video credit: hoonfami

credit: allkpop

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