Han Kyung does Temptation of Hwang Jin-i

Actually, this past Saturday on the 6th June episode of SBS Star King, there was a dance festival segment specially created for stars and their fans. The winner at the end of this will win a 4D3N travel package for 2 to the Philippines. I have already did an article earlier of the performance between the 2PM boys and their fan, Han Si Yoon.

Super Junior's Han Kyung did a Temptation of Hwang Jin-i performance, a fusion of traditional and sexy dance with his fan, Park Eun Ji. The pretty 20 year old is currently pursuing her acting major at Konkuk University and has also been in a couple of CFs. She is also known as a Jang Jin Young lookalike at Konkuk University. She was first seen on KBS2TV's Quiz Expedition where she was the campus queen.

Park Eun Ji

Not going to spoil much of the dance for you but it was beautifully executed by them. There's also a storyline that incorporates romance and a bit of comedy.

Park Eun Ji and Han Kyung

Some highlights:
- Han Kyung hugging Kang Ho Dong
- Han Kyung touches Eun Ji's chest by accident
- Han Kyung hugging Eun Ji from the back was the highlight
- Eun Ji taking off her purple dress
- Han Kyung's butt dance
- Han Kyung's duck-like exit

During the interview, Eun Ji revealed that she became a huge fan of Han Kyung because he looked very suave in her eyes when he does the Chinese traditional dance, and her heart still flutters when she looks at his eyes. Ho Dong then purposely asked Han Kyung whether he has a girlfriend (Ho Dong's standard operating procedure), and he gives a delayed reply of "No...". As for why didn't they win, well, Lee Teuk who was one of the judges, gave them the lowest score of 1 because he was ENVIOUS.

It's no wonder that Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk and Shindong were placed together as they always react to almost everything that's happening in the most exaggerated manner, and making life a tad easier for the camera man. You almost forget that Ye Sung, Sung Min, Ryeo Wook and Kyu Hyun were also there but sitting on the other side.

Shindong, Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk

The other 2 groups were Solbi doing a salsa dance with 2 of her fans while Boom rounded it up with a comedy performance with his fan, with the earlier being the winner of the 4D3N travel package for 2 in the end. Watch for yourself and determine whether it was the deserved winning performance in your eyes.

credit: allkpop

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