Han Si Yoon sizzles up Star King with 2PM boys

Han Si...who? Yes, you might be wondering who the heck is Han Si Yoon. And I can foresee that most of the comments are likely be about Woo Young, Nickhun and Taek Yeon of 2PM, the Suju boys and Kang Ho Dong. After introducing Hwang Seung Un yesterday, I shall introduce another new face, actress Han Si Yoon. The 25 year old has appeared in small roles in KBS2TV Hong Gil Dong as a kisaeng girl while most recently, she was a nurse in SBS Cain and Abel. I was particularly bewitched by her in Hong Gil Dong because she was very pretty in it and my eyes would be focused on her whenever she comes on. Her real name is Park Jin Ah but she has switched to using her stage name, Han Si Yoon since Cain and Abel.

Han Si Yoon in Hong Gil Dong

Han Si Yoon in Cain and Abel

But since she had mostly small roles, not much people paid attention to her until 6th June when she appeared in a sizzling dance item on SBS Star King with Woo Young, Nickhun and Taek Yeon of 2PM. While the 2PM boys evoked lots of fangirls screaming for them, Han Si Yoon did a credible job with her dancing and also really close with the 2PM boys on occasions. Check out the expressions from the 3 Suju fanboys, Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk and Shindong who must have been wishing they were doing the dance with her. Kang Ho Dong also got lucky as Si Yoon did some dancing with him as well.

Immediately after the broadcast, Han Si Yoon swiftly became the No.1 search term on the various Korean portals. Han Si Yoon expressed, "After the the clip was uploaded, the number of people viewing my Cyworld went up to almost 20,000 in less than a day. And I also found out that a fan club has been set up for me on the same day. The hot response from my fans has really shocked me but it's probably that they were impressed with my performance." As you rewatch the clip again, you will find that Han Si Yoon has a unique charisma that combines innocence and sexy together.

She started dancing when she was in high school and has since insisted on practising for at least 5 hours every day. She is pretty famous in Seoul Women's University and has often been referred to as the school's belle. Han Si Yoon is currently taking on modeling assignments while looking out for her next drama assignment.

credit: allkpop

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